Welcome to the Centre for IMPACT

Welcome to the Centre for IMPACTOur new £7.6m Centre for IMPACT builds on the previous work delivered by the NIHR Global Health Research Group IMPACT (Improving Outcomes in Mental and Physical Multimorbidity and Developing Research Capacity in South Asia)

DiaDeM programme

DiaDeM programmeThe DiaDeM research programme aims to develop and test culturally appropriate treatment for depression in people with diabetes in Bangladesh and Pakistan

TuBerculosis MultiMorbidity (TBMM)

TuBerculosis MultiMorbidity (TBMM)Find out about the TuBerculosis MultiMorbidity (TBMM) network of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners who are passionate about improving TB programmes and services

Welcome to the Centre for IMPACT

IMPACT is a NIHR Global Health Research Centre established to improve mental and physical health together.

The Centre for IMPACT is hosted jointly by Aga Khan University, Khyber Medical University and Rawalpindi Medical University in Pakistan and by the University of York in the UK. Our key collaborators include HealthNet TPO and Kabul University of Medical Sciences in Afghanistan, Baqai Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology and The Initiative in Pakistan and the Universities of Edinburgh and Liverpool in the UK.

Ahead of the launch event in Islamabad on 1 November 2022 members of the team share their aspirations for the new Centre for IMPACT.

Our goal is to promote mental and physical health in Afghanistan and Pakistan by reducing premature deaths and disabilities caused by non-communicable diseases. We focus on common mental disorders (depression and anxiety), heart conditions, and diabetes. We will evaluate approaches to prevent and treat these, targeting those most at risk, and –uniquely– giving mental health parity alongside physical health.

We are training researchers, particularly women scholars, to become tomorrow’s research leaders. We are raising standards of health research conducted in our institutions and promoting an environment in the two countries that demands, understands, and utilises research to inform policy and practice.

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