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DiaDeM Programme

The DiaDeM Programme – ‘Developing and evaluating an adapted behavioural activation intervention for people with depression and diabetes in South Asia’ – builds on the work of the IMPACT Programme, further extending our partnerships in Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

DiaDeM started on the 1st September 2020 with a budget of £3m.  It is funded for 4 years by the NIHR Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation (RIGHT) Programme. 

Diabetes is a growing global problem, particularly in South Asia and people with long-term physical health conditions, such as diabetes, are more likely to experience depression. When people have depression and diabetes, outcomes for both are worse, resulting in poorer health, quality of life, earlier deaths, and increased costs for individuals, families and healthcare services.

The DiaDeM Programme aims to tackle these challenges by bringing together experts in the field to develop and test a culturally appropriate treatment for depression in people with diabetes in Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Listen to a message from the Chief Investigator, Professor Najma Siddiqi.

Recorded at the Institute of Psychiatry’s DiaDeM launch event on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2020.

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