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Behavioural activation training success

Female research delivering a training session

A busy start to 2023 for DiaDeM PhD student Karen Coales.

In January and February, Karen led the delivery of two interactive behavioural activation (BA) training sessions in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The training was for BA facilitators participating in the main DiaDeM trial. Supervisors also completed a one day training course covering case management and clinical skills supervision. Karen joined the DiaDeM team as a full time PhD student in November 2020, before embarking on her PhD, Karen worked for the NHS for 20 years and has a clinical background in occupational therapy and psychological wellbeing.

Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan: 16th – 19th January 2023

In Pakistan, Karen was joined by Pieta Goddard. Pieta is a senior psychological wellbeing practitioner who works with the DiaDeM Programme and is currently a qualified low intensity psychological therapies supervisor for Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust.  The training course brought together BA facilitators and supervisors from sites in Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Karachi for the first time and provided a great opportunity for BA facilitators, supervisors and members of the research teams in each country to do some team building and to get to know one another in preparation for the start of the main trial. Pieta and Karen were greeted by fantastic publicity for the training in Rawalpindi – they even made the front page of the local newspaper, the Rawalpindi Daily Jang!

Female researchers stand next to a promotional bannerPicture above: Karen and Pieta in Rawalpindi

BIRDEM Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh: 6th – 9th February 2023

In Bangladesh, Karen was joined by Professor Dave Ekers from Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust one of DiaDeM’s UK NHS partner organizations. The session in Dhaka also included particpants from the Syhlet trial site.  Like the January session in Pakistan, there was lots of interaction during the course with learners enthusiastically taking part and supporting one another in lots of group-work activities, role plays and question and answer sessions. The sessions have been skillfully desinged by the DiaDeM team to help ensure everyone has time to practically develop and practice their BA intervention and supervisory skills.

People in a classroom taking trainingPicture above: Attendees at the training session in Dhaka.

Local hospitality

The collaborative and supportive ethos of the DiaDeM Programme meant the visitors were well looked after by team members.

Group of female researchersPicture above: Karen and Pieta with the DiaDeM research team based in Pakistan.

Chai is poured from large tea pot in bangladesh

“As visitors from the UK we were very warmly welcomed and looked after during our trips, returning home with lasting memories of the kindness and hospitality of our hosts and course participants. We were welcomed into family homes for dinner and as well as trying some delicious street food and chai – poured from the biggest teapot I’ve ever seen!”      Quote: Karen Coales

Picture right: A well earned chai is prepared in Bangladesh

Behavioural Activation Learning Resources

The DiaDeM team’s Behavioural Activation Learning Resources are available on the website.  As well as being used to support the role out of the main trial, these learning resources are for anyone interested in helping others with brief psychological interventions. Members of the public, educators, mental health and social care professionals, and community workers will find them beneficial.

Access our BA Learning Resources

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