Resources for Academic Writing

The ‘Writing a scientific article’ mentoring-initiative was run by IMPACT over a 6 month period between June – November 2019. It consisted of two-hour interactive sessions once a month and was aimed at researchers who were non-native speakers of English and planning to write research papers for publication in an English-language journal or contribute to submitting research proposals.

The sessions combined theory and practice of scientific writing with a focus on the participants’ research papers.

Click on the links below to download session slides.

Supporting Documents

Behavioural Activation webinar sessions

Behavioural activation is a therapeutic intervention that can be delivered by non-specialists to treat depression. Click here to view the first session that was delivered by Prof Dave Ekers on 24th November. The second session was delivered by Karen Coales on 9th December, you can view this session by clicking here.

TB and Diabetes changing policy and practice Webinar 17 November 2020

We held our second network webinar and meeting of the TB Multimorbidity Network, this included policy-makers, practitioners, people with / survivors of TB and academics who shared
evidence and experience of integrating the screening and management of TB and diabetes within routine care in Africa and Asia, please click here for the video of the webinar, the slides are available in the supporting document below.

Supporting Documents