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Celebrating Women in Science

In 2021, to mark the International Women’s Day and International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the NIHR Global Health Research Group ASTRA based at the University of York made a video to pay tribute to some of the many brilliant women involved in the project. The video highlights their journey creating an uplifting message for all the aspiring women in research.

Behavioural Activation Videos

These videos display how Behavioural Activation can be used to treat mild/moderate depression within existing non-communicable disease clinics across South Asia. The videos were made by Dr Rayeesa Zainab and Dr Sukanya Rajan and the IMPACT team at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, India.

Integrating Depression Care into Chronic Communicable Disease (CCD) Services in South Asia

This animation displays the barriers and suggested ways forward to integrating depression screening and care into tuberculosis services in South Asia and is made by Dr Zara Nisar, Dr Saima Afaq and the IMPACT team at Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, Pakistan

Dr Saima Afaq is interviewed on World TB Day, Pakistan 2022. Saima describes the IMPACT Programme and one of the studies which focuses on integrating depression screening and brief therapy into TB services across Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The video below (recorded in Urdu) was a part of the IMPACT Programme’s CCD Study also known as Depression in Chronic Communicable Diseases. The team made this video for the clinical staff working in the facility of chronic hepatitis services to help them screen depression among patients with chronic hepatitis B and/or C.
This video was shared among 2 of the medical units and a specialized hepatitis care facility called Centre for Liver & Digestive Diseases of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi Pakistan. Approximately 90 people (doctors, nurses and house physicians) used this video as a reference to screen for depression in their routine healthcare practice.

This video is a collection of interviews that reflect on the importance of the IMPACT-CCD hepatitis study. The video was made by the research team in Pakistan and includes the reflections of key stakeholders in the project.

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