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TB Multimorbidity project

Welcome to the TB Multimorbidity (TBMM) project!

The TBMM project is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), one of the 9 UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) councils.

The project aims to address the needs of people with tuberculosis who also have other chronic health conditions alongside – we call this TB multimorbidity. We are finding out which chronic health conditions cause the most difficulties for people with TB. We are also developing a package of interventions to treat these conditions that can be delivered alongside treatment for TB.

Our global TBMM Network brings together experts in TB and in multimorbidity from Africa, Asia and Europe. It includes policy makers, patients and their supporters, researchers and health professionals. We are also growing capacity in research methods and research leadership.

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Learn more about TB multimorbidity, why it matters and our work in this project in the About Us, Network and Research sections.

We are funded by a UKRI MRC GCRF grant: MC_PC_MR/T037806/

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