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In the TBMM project, we are carrying out research that will help to tackle TB multimorbidity. We are developing a package of interventions to prevent, detect and manage the chronic conditions that commonly occur in people with TB. We are also building research capacity to strengthen research leadership in low and middle income countries (LMIC). Together we will seek support for a future research programme to test this package of TB multimorbidity interventions in ‘real world’ settings.

In the first phase of TBMM, we will gather evidence to better understand TB multimorbidity in LMIC.

We will answer these questions- What chronic conditions (chronic communicable and non-communicable diseases) most often co-occur with TB? What combinations of conditions represent the highest burden for people with TB and the healthcare system?

We will carry out a systematic literature review and a ‘meta-review’, (which is a systematic review of systematic reviews) to find out what is already known on this topic. We will also analyse the available data from existing databases, such as the World Health Survey, other epidemiological studies and routinely collected healthcare data. All of this will help to identify the key chronic conditions that we need to target in TB multimorbidity.

In the second phase, we will systematically review evidence for interventions used to treat these  target chronic conditions.  Our TB Multimorbidity Network will agree the final ‘package’ of interventions through an iterative process involving option appraisals and expert consensus development.

Ongoing activities 

  • World Health Survey: Secondary data analysis of the available data from the World Health Survey
  • A meta-review of systematic reviews of chronic disease multimorbidity in people with tuberculosis in LMIC: A comprehensive meta-review of previously published systematic reviews (with and without meta-analyses) examining the prevalence and risk of each combination of one or more chronic conditions, as well as their associated disease burden in people with TB (compared or not with people without TB).
  • Prevalence of patterns of multimorbidity in people with tuberculosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis:  To examine the prevalence of patterns of multimorbidity in people with TB (i.e. TB plus two or more chronic conditions).

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